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51 Age: 91 Carbaugh, Eva (I508)
52 Aged 3-2-1 [3 years, 2 months,1 day] Kerbach, Anna Barbara Korbach (I187)
53 Also known as Clara in some years. Carbaugh, Claire (I600)
54 Ann appeared in the report of the Overseers of the Poor for the year ending March 1854. Only her children appeared in the report for 1855. This would seem to indicate that she had died . Spangler, Ann (Nancy) (I184)
55 Another family tree has name as James Adam Carbaugh. Carbaugh, Adam James (I847)
56 Application for marriage of James to 2nd wife Eva states former wife died Nov 1895. Stine, Roseanna Malissa (I89)
57 Approx birth year assumption from date of baptism. Kerbach, Johannes Christian Korbach (I17)
58 Approximate marriage date based on birth of first child in 1875. Family F240
59 Based on age from marriage record Wise, Mary (I1282)
60 based on age of about 40 years at death Korbach, Johann Georg (I962)
61 Based on appearances in church records found to date. Julianna (I186)
62 based on baptism Korbach, Johann Christ (I1316)
63 based on baptism Korbach, Anna Maria (I1308)
64 based on baptism Korbach, Johann Philip (I1136)
65 based on baptism Korbach, Catharina (I963)
66 based on baptism Korbach, Georg Wilhelm (I739)
67 based on baptism Korbach, Johann Jacob (I506)
68 based on baptism Korbach, John Nicholas (I261)
69 based on baptismal date Kerbach, Johannes (I1326)
70 Based on census records, born between 1815 - 1820. Carbaugh, John (I1273)
71 Based on date of son William's birth 08 Feb 1868. Family F238
72 based on info in obit for father and 1930 census Carbaugh, Grace L (I87)
73 Based on multiple census records, born between 1810-1820 Carbaugh, Eve (I1276)
74 Because it states she was a member of the Lutheran church and her husband James is buried in the Lutheran cemetery, it might be that she was buried there, but has no stone. Stoops, Rebecca (I1138)
75 before 1910 Carbaugh, James H (I289)
76 Birth date calculated from age at time of death - 1 month, 2 days (per cemetery records). Carbaugh, William B (I494)
77 Birth date calculated from age at time of death on tombstone. Carbaugh, Mary E (I940)
78 Birth date calculated from age at time of death. Carbaugh, James Russell (I616)
79 Birth date calculated from age of death on tombstone. The Carbaugh family book found at Franklin County Library lists the birth date as 7/4/1856. He is 4 years old on the 1860 census. Carbaugh, George Henry (I627)
80 Birth date from George W Sites family bible Sites, Emma Flora (I427)
81 Birth date is calculated from age at death. Carbaugh, Isaac (I239)
82 Birth listed as 22 Aug 1879 in Opequeon per West Virginia birth index. Birth listed as 18 Aug 1882 in Martinsburg per Michigan death certificate records. Parents match on both records. Carbaugh, Dora (I447)
83 Birth location listed on son John's death certificate. Strasbaugh, Sarah Catharine (I1123)
84 Birth year based on 1870/1880 census. Earlier census gives a birth range between 1811 to 1820. Carbaugh, David (I1275)
85 Book found at a yard sale and now in the possession of Kathy Harmon. Source (S64)
86 Born in Germany, per death certificate. Born in Pennsylvania per sons David & James death certificates. 1880 census states Pennsylvania with both parents born in Germany. 1900 and 1910, even the parents born in PA. Gerhart, Anna Elizabeth (I236)
87 Born to Osa before she and John married. See 1940 census: Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, ED 22-50, page 10A (form), 899A (stamped), line 23, Mervin Mellott. 6 Dec 2016 Mellott, Mervin H (I339)
88 Both Caty & husband John died before her father's land was divided among heirs in 1831. Per John Kerbaugh family, written by Stevie Hughes, found at Kerbaugh, Caty (I451)
89 Both parents were deceased before his marriage in 1899 per marriage record. Carbaugh, William (I1271)
90 Calimer notes have death of 2/18/1876. Other trees list Apr 1937. Can't find anything to prove either date. Carbaugh, Robert E (I1132)
91 Can find no proof of birthdate beyond year at this point. Will leave for the time being. Carbaugh, Mary Alice (I1041)
92 Can't prove that this is right yet, but... Clark, Ethel May (I1468)
93 Catherine, daughter of George, is named as wife of Christian Carbaugh at least twice in George's probate. This needs to be cited, but temporarily, it can be found here:

Christian and Catherine appear in the 1810 census with 3 small children. Not proof of anything... 
Family F408
94 certificate 2022 (1968) Lynch, Richard Fewell (I1535)
95 certificate info is marked no. 474, but the page is 475. The previous application is also marked no. 474 and is on page 474 Family F158
96 certificate no 167, pages 167 Family F170
97 certificate no 344, page 344 Family F20
98 certificate no. 1, vol. 23, page 1 Family F267
99 certificate no. 1055, page 55 Family F16
100 certificate no. 111, vol. 22
both are widowed, Nov 1895 and May 1903 respectively 
Family F241

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